About My Portfolio

salutations & apologies

I am grateful that you have visited my website today, hopefully, with the intentions of learning more about me or to view my curated portfolio. I don't mean to presuppose why you are here; I might be getting ahead of myself. If you came here searching for a 2008 movie of the same name, a warm jumper to wear in the winter, or parkour videos showing teenagers leaping over automobiles…you will find none of those things on my website. Honestly, you won't really find anything on my website, but more on that below. If you are desperately searching and in need of winter attire I can be of some service; please email me and I would be happy to recommend to you some of the stores where I find my warm winter sweaters. 

On to the real purpose of this website. This is my portfolio website. You may now be thinking to yourself, "Wow. There is nothing here. What kind of designer doesn't have a portfolio, or is this some cheeky failing attempt at commentary on the overuse of minimalism in design?" I do have thoughts on that subject, but I can tell you this website is not that, I promise. My portfolio contains drawings I am barred from publicly displaying on my website due to contractual obligations from non-disclosure agreements. The good news is these drawings can be shown in my private portfolio. These designs cover the last four years of my professional career, and arguably show my best and most current work. For this website I could strip out those projects and display what's leftover, but I do not feel those leftovers best represent me or my growth as a graphic designer in the last four years. It is for this reason my portfolio website is barren save for these three paragraphs. 

If you would like to see my portfolio, my entire portfolio, please email me a request at jumper@vanjumper.com and I will gladly send you a link to my PDF portfolio. 

My best,
Michael Van Jumper